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Near net shape Aluminum die casting products

Die casting is an economical and efficient process that offers a more broad range of components and shapes than other manufacturing techniques. Parts are designed to complement the surrounding part's visual appeal and provide long service life. Designers who specify die cast parts can gain a variety of different benefits. Die casting offers high-speed production and complex shapes with closer tolerances than most of the other mass production jobs. It is designed to be functional and strong and uses only the absolute minimal material.

Zinc and Aluminum die casting is typically used in larger manufacturing systems. The process is saluted for its strength and reliability. Used in many different industries, aluminum die casting at J & M is cost effective and will cater immediately to your high demands. Aluminum die cast parts offer far better quality and durability than plastic injection mold parts. They are ideal for any manufacturing project. Aluminum is perfect for the process of die casting since it is dimensionally stable and light weight making it great for thin walls and complex shapes.

Aluminum and Zinc die cast parts are a big draw due to their dimensional accuracy and uniformity. Aluminum parts have great mechanical properties and are resistant to corrosion. It also offers good electrical conductivity and strength at high temperatures. Because aluminum has superior mechanical properties, it is one of the higher mass items that the metalworking industry is producing today. High quality die cast parts like those found at J & M are essential for products like automobiles, computers, furnaces, washers & dryers, and more. We offer competitive pricing, quality products and excellent customer service to make your shopping experience a pleasant and helpful one.

Near net shape die casting reduces your need to finish or perform other post-production processes. J & M Products offers an experienced team that specializes in near net shape die castings bringing it close to the final net shape as possible. The need for common finishing techniques, such as grinding and CNC machining, is reduced. It is also a more cost-effective process. Whether you are looking for zinc die casting or near net shape aluminum die castings, J & M Products is the place to go for all your die casting needs.

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